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Table 1 Siblinarity communities, based on common prey and common predators in the Florida Bay food web

From: Making communities show respect for order

No.Species (type)
12μm Spherical Phytoplankt, Synedococcus, Oscillatoria, Small Diatoms (<20μm), Big Diatoms(>20μm), Dinoflagellates, Other Phytoplankton, Benthic Phytoplankton, Thalassia, Halodule, Syringodium, Roots, Drift Algae, Epiphytes.
3Acartia Tonsa, Oithona nana, Paracalanus, Other Copepoda, Other Zooplankton, Sponges, Bivalves.
7Coral, Other Cnidaridae.
9Benthic Crustaceans, Detritivorous Amphipods, Herbivorous Amphipods, Detritivorous Gastropods, Detritivorous Polychaetes, Suspension Feeding Polych, Macrobenthos, Detritivorous Crabs.
18Toadfish, Brotalus.
19Other Killifish, Goldspotted killifish, Blennies, Clown Goby, Silverside, Lobster, Predatory Crabs, Callinectus sapidus, Bay Anchovy, Rainwater killifish, Mullet, Other Horsefish, Gulf Pipefish, Dwarf Seahorse, Code Goby, Halfbeaks.
22Flatfish, Grunt, Pinfish, Rays, Porgy, Scianids, Parrotfish, Bonefish, Needlefish, Snook, Puffer, Manatee.
23Omnivorous Crabs, Pink Shrimp.
25DOC, Isopods, Herbivorous Shrimp, Thor Floridanus, Sailfin Molly, Green Turtle.
26Sharks, Tarpon, Lizardfish, Grouper, Jacks, Pompano, Gray Snapper, Red Drum, Mackerel, Small Herons & Egrets, Ibis, Roseate Spoonbill, Herbivorous Ducks, Omnivorous Ducks, Gruiformes, Small Shorebirds, Gulls & Terns, Kingfisher, Loggerhead Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle.
27Other Snapper, Other Pelagic Fishes, Spotted Seatrout.
28Stone Crab, Sardines, Anchovy, Other Demersal Fishes, Filefishes.
29Barracuda, Loon, Greeb, Pelican, Comorant, Big Herons & Egrets, Predatory Ducks.
33Free Bacteria, Dolphin.
35Raptors, Crocodiles.
36Output, Respiration.
Ind.Input (0), Water Flagellates (2), Water Cilitaes (4), Benthic Ciliates (5), Meroplankton (6), Meiofauna (8), Benthic Flagellates (10), Water POC (12), Predatory Gastropods (13), Echinoderma (14), Predatory Shrimp (15), Predatory Polychaetes (16), Mojarra (20), Benthic POC (24), Spadefish (31), Catfish (32), Eels (34).
  1. Some communities consist of a single species and these are listed together under community number “Ind.” to reduce the size of the table. The numbers in brackets indicate the community index in the induced graph. Note the green turtle in community 25 appears to be out of place with the other smaller species in the same community but they all tend to feed on similar species