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Fig. 5

From: Fact-checking strategies to limit urban legends spreading in a segregated society

Fig. 5

Synthetic Segregated Networks. Different strategies of choosing some nodes as eternal Fact Checkers (eFC) in a segregated network with skeptic and gullible communities: a no eFC, b eFC at random in the skeptic community, c eFC in the highest degree nodes of the skeptic community, d eFC on the frontier among the two communities (nodes in the skeptic group that are connected with nodes in the gullible one). The plots on the left column represent the dynamics of just one simulation of the model to emphasize the moment in which the Believer invade the skeptic community in case (d). The plots on the right column show the average dynamics over 20 simulations. Moreover, for cases (a), (b) and (c) the equilibrium is reached at t<200, while in (d) we needed t≈400 time iterations

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