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Fig. 4

From: Fact-checking strategies to limit urban legends spreading in a segregated society

Fig. 4

Scale Free Network, debunking strategies: different strategies of choosing some nodes as eternal Fact Checkers with different values of credibility: (a) at random with α=0.3, (b) at random with α=0.8, (c) among the highest degree nodes with α=0.3 (d) among the highest degree nodes with α=0.8. Each plot refers to the averaged value of densities over 20 simulations on a Barabasi-Albert network of N=1000 nodes, starting with B0=100 seeders Believer and F0=100 seeders Fact Checker. Please, observe that in the upper row it looks like that F is less than \(\frac {F_{0}}{N}=0.1\), that is trivially impossible because F0 are eternal Fact-Checkers. This is due to a trivial over-plotting issue

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