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Table 2 Stochastic block models with longitudinal modelling

From: A review of stochastic block models and extensions for graph clustering

ArticleType of graphInferenceClusteringNumber of groups
Fu et al. (2009)BinaryDirectedVariationalSoftCriterion (BIC)
Xing et al. (2010)BinaryDirectedVariationalSoftCriterion (BIC)
Tang and Yang (2011); Tang and Yang (2014)BinaryDirectedMCMCHardDirichlet process
Yang et al. (2011)EitherUndirectedMCMCHardFixed (2,2,3)
DuBois et al. (2013)ValuedDirectedMCMCHardCriterion (Perplexity)
Xu and Hero III (2013)BinaryDirectedGreedy algo.+SMCHardFixed (7)
Fan et al. (2015)BinaryDirectedMCMCSoftDirichlet process
Matias et al. (2015)BinaryUndirectedVariationalHardCriterion (ICL)
Peixoto (2015a)EitherEitherMCMCEitherEstimated
Matias and Miele (2017)EitherEitherVariationalHardCriterion (ICL)
Zhang et al. (2017)EitherUndirectedGreedy algo.HardFixed
Ludkin et al. (2018)BinaryUndirectedMCMCHardCriterion (Elbow plot)