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Table 2 Largest cliques in WordNet and Moby Thesaurus networks, as well as in word2vec Google News and Amazon Reviews networks containing words from WordNet

From: Graph-based exploration and clustering analysis of semantic spaces

WordNet34batch deal flock good_deal great_deal hatful heap heaps lot lots mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck pile piles plenty pot quite_a_little raft rafts sight slew slews spate stack stacks tidy_sum wad wads
Moby Thesaurus68abominable arrant atrocious awful base beastly beneath_contempt blameworthy brutal contemptible deplorable despicable detestable dire disgusting dreadful egregious enormous fetid filthy flagrant foul fulsome grievous gross hateful heinous horrible horrid infamous lamentable loathsome lousy monstrous nasty nefarious noisome notorious obnoxious odious offensive outrageous pitiable pitiful rank regrettable reprehensible repulsive rotten sad scandalous schlock scurvy shabby shameful shocking shoddy sordid squalid terrible too_bad unclean vile villainous woeful worst worthless wretched
Google News (threshold 0.7)14Amelanchier Clethra Euonymus Eupatorium cotoneaster deciduous_holly flowering_quince marsh_marigold monarda scabiosa silky_dogwood snowberry trumpet_honeysuckle winterberry
Amazon Reviews (threshold 0.8)13ante dinero embargo ese falla haber hoy leer lento pas persona saber sus