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Fig. 5

From: Penalized inference of the hematopoietic cell differentiation network via high-dimensional clonal tracking

Fig. 5

Estimated (filtered) human hematopoietic differentiation process. a The network configuration of the human hematopoietic differentiation process. Nodes representing lineages positive for the surface marker and collected from bone marrow and peripheral blood (circled) have the same color. Lymphoid lineages have a blue/green color, whereas myeloid cell types are red/orange and violet. The node corresponding to the stem cell (CD34) is dark blue and circled in black. Glycophorin positive cells(Glyco) and CD61 are respectively grey and pink. Network layout has been generated with a force directed layout, excluding λi,j≤0.1. b Parameters heatmap. Main diagonal elements correspond to net duplication rate. Off-diagonal elements correspond to differentiation rates (row → column). Light-Grey entries are differentiations rates estimated as 0 by SCAD penalization or smaller than 0.1. Dark-Grey entries are excluded from the inferential procedure due to violation of hierarchical constraints (112)

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