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Fig. 2

From: Penalized inference of the hematopoietic cell differentiation network via high-dimensional clonal tracking

Fig. 2

Configuration of the Simulated Hierarchically Differentiation Process. a Network configuration of the SHDP. The assumed structure mimics a potential model for human hematopoiesis according to both literature and experimental data. Network layout has been generated with a force directed layout. b Parameters heatmap. Main diagonal elements correspond to net duplication rate. Off-diagonal elements correspond to differentiation rates (row → column). Light-Grey entries are differentiations rates fixed to 0 but in the set of the potentially present differentiation paths (67). Dark-Grey entries are excluded from the inferential procedure due to violation of hierarchical constraints (112). The colored boxes correspond to: red, top to middle layer connections; blue, middle layer inter-connections; pink, middle to bottom layer connections

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