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Table 4 Node-level statistics of node i given inter-city network \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)

From: Mobile phone data reveals the importance of pre-disaster inter-city social ties for recovery after Hurricane Maria

Network statisticNotationDescription
Weighted in-degree\(WI(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Total weighted in-degree of i on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)
Weighted out-degree\(WO(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Total weighted out-degree of i on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)
Weighted total degree\(W(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Total weighted degree of i on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)
Weighted clustering coefficient\(CC(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Weighted clustering coefficient of i on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)
Direct distance from San Juan\(DSJ(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Direct distance to i from San Juan on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)
Shortest path distance from San Juan\(SPSJ(\mathcal {N}_{x})_{i}\)Distance of shortest path to i from San Juan on \(\mathcal {N}_{x}\)