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Table 1 Results of three simulations

From: 5G device-to-device communication security and multipath routing solutions

Algorithm 1500m1000m500m
Least Interference Path5000 Nodes0.310.240.12
 10,000 Nodes0.190.340.19
 15,000 Nodes0.280.150.11
Mock Suurballe’s5000 Nodes0.460.440.38
 10,000 Nodes0.420.410.29
 15,000 Nodes0.450.430.40
Random Direct Path5000 Nodes0.490.490.49
 10,000 Nodes0.490.500.48
 15,000 Nodes0.500.500.49
  1. Numbers show eavesdropping rates (average of 500 runs), which are the percentage of nodes that are successful eavesdroppers