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Fig. 8 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 8

From: Gender and collaboration patterns in a temporal scientific authorship network

Fig. 8

Differences in measures of authorship importance of women and men have recently tapered off. Gender differences (women minus men) over time in average edge importance measures (effective resistance, log2Ω, left; and contraction importance, log2Ψ, right). The solid curve is the difference in the INFORMS dataset, and the dotted curve in the null model, which replicates the yearly degree distributions for publications, women authors, and men authors, but assigns author-publication connections irrespective of gender. The shading denotes the range (±1 standard deviation) of a typical run of the null model (with parameters D=4 and nnei=1) about the mean of 8 instances of the null model (dotted curve)

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