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Fig. 4

From: Gender and collaboration patterns in a temporal scientific authorship network

Fig. 4

In the later years, the fraction of new INFORMS women authors with more than one publication is similar to that of men, but their average number of publications remains lower. Left: Fraction of new authors that will publish again in INFORMS by 2016, as a function of their first year of publication. Right: Average total number of publications (as of 2016) by an author, also as a function of their first year of publication. A moving window was applied as in Fig. 1. Shading denotes ±1 standard error of the mean (computed as in Fig. 1 for the left plot, and using \(\mu \pm \sigma /\sqrt {n}\), i.e., assuming a sum of independent Poisson variables, for the right plot). The decrease in both quantities in later years is simply due to the fact that recent new authors have had less time to publish again

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