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Fig. 1

From: Gender and collaboration patterns in a temporal scientific authorship network

Fig. 1

Participation rate by women in INFORMS has been increasing since 1980, but remains well below gender parity. Hatched: Fraction of authorships by women over time. Solid: Fraction of new women authors over time. The data were binned in a moving window centered around the plotted year. To allow for better statistics, for 1956–1963 the window widths were 8 years, for 1964–1971 they were 6 years, and the remainder were 4 years. Fractions were calculated excluding authors without a gender label. Shading denotes ±1 standard error of the mean, estimated treating the gender labels of all datapoints in the relevant window as a collection of i.i.d. Bernoulli random variables (i.e., \(p \pm \sqrt {p (1-p) / n}\), where p is the fraction and n is the number of datapoints in the window). Note that due to the binning the rise in the curves in 1978 reflects an increase of participation by women starting in 1980

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