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Table A1 Sources and references of the variables

From: Country centrality in the international multiplex network

fta_wtoTrade agreements1=RTAWTO(de Sousa and Lochard 2011)
expvTrade of commoditiesExport value, thous. of US$BACI(Gaulier and Zignago 2010)
serv_expTrade of servicesExport value, thous. of US$COMTRADE-
armsTransfers of armsSIPRI trend-indicator value in Mil.SIPRI(SIPRI Arms Transfers Database (website) 2017)
investTPI: total portfolio investmentMil. of US$IMF(Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey(IMF website) 2017)
FDITotal FDI financial flowMil. of US$OECD(FDI financial flows - By partner country (OECD online API) 2017)
FDI_GreenfieldTotal FDI financial flowMil. of US$-(Kirkegaard 2013)
valueValue of merge and aquisition operationsMonetary value, US$Thomson ReutersWorldwide Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances Databases SDC Platinum
BIS_flow_claimsFlow of financial claims across international banksMil. of US$BIS(Locational banking statistics (BIS website) 2017)
aidOfficial Development Assistance DisbursementsMil. of US$OECD(OECD ODA disbursment (web API) 2017)
migration_flowFlow of migrants (at 5 year intervals)N of people-(Abel and Sander 2014)
migration_stockStock of migrants (at 5 year intervals)N of peopleUN(United Nations 2013), (International migrant stock (direct download) 2015)
out_tourTemporary migration bilateral flowsN of peopleUN(Tourism Statistics (UN Tourism office website) 2017)
mobilityFlow of mobile students at the tertiary levelN of peopleUNESCO-
citationPaper citations among scholarsN of citations-(Pan et al. 2012)
collaborationCoauthorship among scholarsN of coauthorships-(Pan et al. 2012)
pat_cit_invPatent citations (by inventor country)N of citationsNBER(Hall et al. 2001), (NBER patent data (download) 2017)
totICCumulative sum of initial capacity of cable routingCable capacityTeleGeography(Rossello 2015), (TeleGeography Submarine Cable Map 2017)
cow_alliancesMembership in international alliances1= allianceCOW(Correlates of war datasets (website) 2017)
  1. *When missing the source comes only from a paper