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Table 3 First two lines: Spearman correlation coefficient between the rankings from pcGDP of the reference year and those obtained by different algorithms. Last line: correlation coefficient between evolution in rankings over time. First 4 columns use multilayer algorithms, last 3 use single layer algorithms on the aggregate network

From: Country centrality in the international multiplex network

 MultiHubMultiAuthMultiRank (a=0)MultiRank (a=1)PageRankHubAuthority
pcGDP 20030.76230.76070.63720.68990.67450.70170.7594
pcGDP 20100.77790.7480.64140.62640.68730.72510.7373
Difference 2003-20100.310.137-0.17150.1228-0.07720.3568-0.1638