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Table 1 HomSVT processes

From: Exact analysis of summary statistics for continuous-time discrete-state Markov processes on networks using graph-automorphism lumping

NameSubject\(\mathcal {W}\)ParametersReferencesDiagram
SIEpidemics{S,I}β(Kiss et al. 2017; Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani 2001)(a)
SIS""β, γ(Kiss et al. 2017; Pastor-Satorras et al. 2015)(b)
SIRS""β, γ, δ"(d)
SICR"{S,I,C,R}β, γ, Γ, ε, η, μ(Cao et al. 2014)(e)
MSEIR"{M,S,E,I,R}β, γ, δ, ε, b(Pastor-Satorras et al. 2015; Hethcote 2000)(f)
VoterOpinion dynamics{−1,+1}none(Sood and Redner 2005; Castellano et al. 2003)(g)
Nonlinear q-voter""q(Castellano et al. 2009)(h)
Biased voter"{0,1}α, βSec. 1(i)
Constrained voter"{L,C,R}none(Vazquez et al. 2003)(j)
BassInnovation diffusion{S,I}β, μ(Bass 1969)(k)
SISa""β, γ, μ(Hill et al. 2010)(l)
LISA"{L,I,S,A}γ, Γ(Mellor et al. 2015)(m)
DK"{S,I,R}β, γ(Daley and Kendall 1964)(n)
Threshold"{S,I}Mk(Watts 2002)(o)
Complex contagion"{S0,S1,S2}β, R1, R2(Melnik et al. 2013)(p)