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Fig. 2

From: Exact analysis of summary statistics for continuous-time discrete-state Markov processes on networks using graph-automorphism lumping

Fig. 2

HomSVT network diagrams. Network diagrams for HomSVT processes listed in Table 1. Vertex-states are indicated by labels within nodes of the networks, possible transitions by directed edges and the transition rates are written alongside the corresponding edges, rate parameters are listed in Table 1. The degree of the transition vertex is denoted by k and mI is the number of neighbours of the transition vertex with vertex-state I, and similarly for other vertex-states, e.g. mC, m± etc. In (h), f(x,q)=xq+ε[1−xq−(1−x)q] (see (Castellano et al. 2009) for details). The transition in (o) and (p) have rate 1 if the inequalities are satisfied

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