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Fig. 4

From: Classes of random walks on temporal networks with competing timescales

Fig. 4

Relationship between models with all-exponential distributions. The graph represents the relationships between all models when all durations are exponentially distributed. Here, μ, η and λ represent the exponential rates of the distributions, such that \(\langle X_{w} \rangle = \frac {1}{\mu }\) for the walker, \(\langle X_{u} \rangle = \frac {1}{\eta }\) for the up times, and \(\langle X_{d}\rangle = \frac {1}{\lambda }\) for the down times. The arrows represent pointwise convergence for all times, of the resting time PDF’s Tij(t) in function of the dynamical parameters. As indicated in the main text, convergence regarding model 5 was established when η=λ. Also note that (Mod. 2) and (Mod. 3) merge in the all-exponential case since they produce statistically indistinguishable trajectories

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