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Table 3 Gradient ratio γ and loop ratio λ for the whole network and the GSCC of the TSR transaction network

From: Community structure based on circular flow in a large-scale transaction network

  γ λ
Whole network
TSR 0.648 0.352
Random TSR 0.537 (0.0001) 0.463 (0.0001)
Completely Random 0.214 (0.0003) 0.786 (0.0003)
TSR 0.537 0.463
Random TSR 0.386 (0.0001) 0.614 (0.0001)
Completely Random 0.200 (0.0002) 0.800 (0.0002)
  1. The results are compared with the corresponding ratios averaged over 1000 random networks with the same degree distribution and 1000 completely random networks with the same number of links as that of the original network; the figures in parentheses show the standard deviation associated with each of the average values