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Table 2 Synthetic graphs (all have 10,000 vertices)

From: Estimating PageRank deviations in crawled graphs

Graph generator #Edges Parameters
Gn,p (Erdȯs and Rényi 1959; Gilbert 1959) 299,722 p≈0.0003 (based on #E in Table 1)
ScaleFree(Bollobás et al. 2003) 21,732 α=0.41,β=0.54,γ=0.05 (default)
ForestFire(Leskovec et al. 2007) 87,060 pf=0.37,pb=0.32 (most realistic (Leskovec et al. 2007))
FFBacklinks 96,262 pf=0.37,pb=0.32,pbacklink=0.0005