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Fig. 5 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 5

From: Co-contagion diffusion on multilayer networks

Fig. 5

Heatmaps of diffusion depth and variance for Contagation A and Contagion B. Contagions diffuse on small-world graphs. The x-axes denote βB, the rewiring probability of Contagion B’s layer, and the y-axes τB, the dormancy rate of B. Panels (a) and (b) show the mean and standard deviation of Contagion A’s diffusion depth. A strong phase transition occurs when τB is non-zero at τB=τA. We fix βA=0.001, τA=0 and α=1.0. An inverse relationship between τB and βB exists (c) where the greatest instability occurs around τB=0.05 and βB=0.20

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