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Table 4 Experimental design: simulation parameters and number of runs

From: Effectiveness variation in simulated school-based network interventions

Parameter Values
Network 17 undirected, adapted from WiSe friendship nominations
Intervention 2 deterministic: High Degree, Community Leaders
  5 stochastic: Random Uniform, Random by Degree, Friend of Random, Community, Persuasive
Seed group size 15% of network, rounded up
Contagion Simple, with transmission probability 0.4, 0.7 or 1
  Complex, with threshold proportions of 0.2 to 0.7 by 0.1
Repetitions 5 for deterministic interventions and complex contagion
  100 for stochastic interventions and complex contagion
  100 for deterministic interventions and simple contagion
  1000 for stochastic interventions and simple contagion