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Table 3 Network interventions simulated

From: Effectiveness variation in simulated school-based network interventions

Name Descriptiona
Random Uniform (RU) Each node has an equal chance of selection
Random by Degree (RD) Nodes selected with probability proportional to degree
Friend of Random (FR) A ‘nominator‘ set is randomly selected with equal probability, and each node in that set randomly selects one of their network neighbours to be included in the seed set.
High Degree (HD) Descending order by degree - number of edges to other nodes
Community Leaders (CL) Highest degree from each community
Persuasive (P) Random (uniform) selection, but those selected have greater effect then other nodes during contagion (additional 0.2 transmission probability for simple, or count as two neighbours for complex)
Community (C) Randomly selected from largest community found by the Louvain optimisation of modularity.
  1. aFor those interventions where nodes are selected according to rank order, random selection is used for equally ranked nodes if they cannot all be included