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Table 5 Distributional properties of the time lag until first citation when this is a self-citation

From: Community structure in co-inventor networks affects time to first citation for patents

  \(\overline {\Delta {t}_{1}}\) \(\widetilde {\Delta {t}_{1}}\) \(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\text {Mo}_{\Delta {t}_{1}}\)
Using all raw data from empirical distribution 19.9 17 0
With Δt1=0 peak adjusted by interpolation 21.7±0.9 19.4±0.7 15.0±0.9
With Δt1=0 peak removed 21.6±0.9 19.4±0.7 15.2±0.9
  1. The mean (\(\overline {\Delta {t}_{1}}\)), median (\(\widetilde {\Delta {t}_{1}}\)), and modal (\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\text {Mo}_{\Delta {t}_{1}}\)) values derived directly from the empirically observed distribution are shown alongside corresponding values obtained when the high peak at Δt1=0 is replaced by the average of probabilities observed for Δt1=±2 months or completely removed