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Table 2 Summary statistics of patent data utilized for this study

From: Community structure in co-inventor networks affects time to first citation for patents

  No. of patents No. of inventors
Full patent cohort 46 034 49 703
Patents gaining a first citation within 10 years 44 137
Largest connected component (LCC) of co-inventor network 15 525
Patents associated with inventors from the LCC 20 021
LCC-associated patents gaining a first citation within 10 years 19 284
LCC-associated patents with a first citation by LCC inventors 16 271
Subset of these patents whose first citation is a self-citation 2 584
  1. The full patent cohort comprises the USPTO patents from USPC classes 257, 326, and 438 granted during 1995-1999. Citations are tracked for each patent during the 10-year period after its time of grant