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Table 2 Summary of our results

From: Network analysis of the NetHealth data: exploring co-evolution of individuals’ social network positions and physical activities

Global properties of network snapshots Local properties of nodes Trait differences between different user groups
∙ All snapshots have high node overlaps, but only snapshots from consecutive time periods have high edge overlaps ∙ Different centrality measures are complementary - they identify different users ∙ Users in NET_T do not show any trait difference compared to the control group
∙ Global network properties are stable over time ∙ This results in 222 NET_T users, 88 PA_T users, and 81 NET_PA users ∙ However, NET_T users who are also in PA_T are more likely to be introverted
∙ The best fitting network model for all snapshots is the same (GEO) ∙ The numbers of users in NET_T, PA_T, and NET_PA are statistically significantly high ∙ In addition, a subset of these (NET_T ∩PA_T) users who are also in NET_PA are also more likely to be anxious