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Fig. 5 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 5

From: Network analysis of the NetHealth data: exploring co-evolution of individuals’ social network positions and physical activities

Fig. 5

Pairwise network similarities with respect to four measures: a node overlap (NO); b edge overlap (EO); c graphlet correlation distance (GCD); d correlation between degrees (DEGC) over all nodes. Other global (GDDA and RGFD) and local network properties (i.e., the remaining centrality measures) show similar trends. Each row/column of a similarity matrix corresponds to the network snapshot of a given week. Values on the diagonals are always 1, because each network snapshot is identical to itself. In each panel, the higher the matrix value, the higher the snapshot similarity. Please note that the different panels do not necessarily use the same color scheme. In each panel, the week number increase from left to right, and from top to bottom

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