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Fig. 10 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 10

From: Network analysis of the NetHealth data: exploring co-evolution of individuals’ social network positions and physical activities

Fig. 10

Trait differences between NET_T ∩ PA_T (i.e., set 2 from Fig. 9), NET_PA and their subsets. a The overlap of NET_T ∩ PA_T and NET_PA. Set 4 denotes users who are in NET_T ∩ PA_T but not in NET_PA. Set 5 denotes users who are in both NET_T ∩ PA_T and NET_PA. Set 6 denotes users who are in NET_PA but not in NET_T ∩ PA_T b Boxplots of extraversion scores of user sets 4-6 and a control set, where the latter denotes users from CoU who are not in any of sets 4-6. c Boxplots of anxiety scores of the same user sets as in panel b

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