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Table 2 The contingency table to analyze the comorbidity of diseases i and j

From: Statistical methods for constructing disease comorbidity networks from longitudinal inpatient data

  Second disease is j Second disease is not j Total
First disease is i a=wij/S \(b=s_{i}^{\text {out}}/S -w_{ij}/S\) \(a+b=s_{i}^{\text {out}}/S \)
First disease is not i \(c=s_{j}^{\text {in}}/S-w_{ij}/S \) \(d=1-s_{i}^{\text {out}}/S -s_{j}^{\text {in}}/S + w_{ij}/S\) \(c+d=1-s_{i}^{\text {out}} /S\)
Total \(a+c=s_{j}^{\text {in}}/S \) \(b+d=1 -s_{j}^{\text {in}}/S \) 1
  1. The sum of all link weights in the network is denoted by S