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Table 2 Twitter user categories, the number of influential users (with h-index≥5) in each category, and its description

From: Impact investing market on Twitter: influential users and communities

Category No. of influential Twitter users Description
Investor 40 (8%) Banks, funds, asset managers
Social business 69 (13%) Any organisations or enterprises (for- profit or not-for-profit) with a social purpose, such as NGOs, charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, community interest companies (CIC)
Practitioner 141 (27%) Individuals working independently or for organisations active in the field, opinion leaders
Ad-hoc initiative 25 (5%) Activities relevant for the sector with no legal status, such as one-off funded projects, policy initiatives, steering groups
Intermediary 151 (29%) Any organizations that do not tackle a social problem directly but enable other players to do that, such as Foundations, fairs, business support hubs, national membership bodies, platforms, networks
Private company 29 (6%) For profit private companies excluding social enterprises
Media 29 (6%) Magazines, blog, podcasts, journalists
Public sector 13 (3%) Local or national government, international institution
Academia 14 (3%) Universities, professors, researchers
Other 9 (2%) Individuals or organisations doing primarily something unrelated to the topic, political parties
Total 520 (100%)