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Table 2 Parameter settings and brief descriptions

From: Evolution of control with learning classifier systems

Parameter Value Brief Description
R 790 Rule population size
γ 0.76 Discount rate
θ mna 6 Min. number of actions in match set
P # 0.4 Probability of hash
p I 7.4 Initial payoff
ε I 1.0 Initial error
F I 0.03 Initial fitness
ε 0 18.5 Error threshold
θ ga 260 Genetic algorithm frequency
θ del 32 Deletion threshold
β 0.01 Affects update of p, ε, and action set size for classifiers
α 0.087 Affects fitness updates
ν 0.01 Affects fitness updates
χ 0.711 Likelihood of GA crossover operation
μ 0.263 Likelihood of GA mutation operation
δ 0.05 Modifies the effect of fitness on the ‘deletion vote’ of a classifier
θ sub 31.579 Subsumption threshold
p explr N/A Likelihood of exploring
doActionSetSubsumption true Perform subsumption in the action set?
doGaSubsumption true Perform subsumption in the GA?
useNewActionChooser true Use the new action chooser mechanism?