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Table 1 Comparison of models representing two or more of the main attributes in temporal text networks

From: Foundations of Temporal Text Networks

Name Graph type Node types Text representation Time representation Refs.
Contact sequence DMG A Mostly edges (Holme and Saramäki 2012; Gauvin et al. 2013)
Time-slice OML A Layers (Mucha et al. 2010)
Longitudinal OML A Layers (Snijders 2005; 2014)
Memory DG A n Edges (implicit) (Scholtes et al. 2014; Rosvall et al. 2014; Lambiotte et al. 2015; Peixoto and Rosvall 2017)
Memory (multilayer) DML A1An Edges (implicit) (Scholtes 2011)
Temporal text X Document Vertices (Brucato and Montesi 2014)
Longitudinal text X Document Layers (O’Connor et al. 2010; Dodds and Danforth 2010)
Language networks G/DG X Word (Sole et al. (2010))
Document networks G/DG X Document (Chang and Blei 2009; Menczer 2004)
Document-phrase graph BG XX Document, phrase (Ren et al. 2017)
HIN BG AX BoW, concept, doc. (Chang et al. 2009; Wang et al. 2017; Kralj et al. 2016)
Socio-semantic network BG AX Concept (Roth 2017; Hellsten and Leydesdorff)
Temp. Socio-semantic network BG AX Concept Edges (Roth and Cointet 2010)
Citation network DG X Document Vertices (Institute for Scientific Information et al. 1964; Batagelj)
Author-citation network DG 2A×X Document Vertices (White and Griffith 1981)
Spreading process DG A×X Edge (delay) (Leskovec et al. 2007)
Polyadic conversations DG A×2A×X Document Vertices (Magnani et al. 2012)
Core temporal text network DBG AX Document Edges  
Ext. temporal text network ML AX Document Edges  
  1. The graph type is indicated as D: directed (undirected if D is not specified), O: ordered, G: Graph, MG: Multi graph, BG: Bipartite graph, ML: Multilayer graph. Node types indicate the domain of the nodes, and we distinguish between A (nodes used to represent actors) and X (nodes used to represent text-related objects). Given the variety of existing models, X is broadly used to represent full text documents, parts of it (phrases, words), other representations of documents such as bags of words (BoW), and also objects obtained by analyzing the text, such as concepts/topics. In this table we only indicate selected references