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Table 8 The feature list of a hospital (PHN level referral network) for teaching hospital classification

From: Referral paths in the U.S. physician network

Feature Group Features
PHN level network measures #nodes, #edges, gini coefficient of indegree distribution, gini coefficient of outdegree distribution, alpha of indegree power law test, alpha of outdegree power law test, diameter, global clustering coefficient, local clustering coefficient, (in, in) assortativity, self degree correlation, reciprocity of # referral, reciprocity of RVUs
Difference (in - out) of edge weights on PHN traffic map Degree, #different referred patients, #referral, geometric mean of #visit, geometric mean of RVUs, ranking index based weight
PHN position on PHN traffic map Local clustering coefficient, PageRank, h-index
average feature of referral paths in the PHN Length, avg-time-gap, avg-time-range, recurrent node, # nodes before recurrence, phy-entropy, PHN-entropy, HRR-entropy, common connected nodes between neighbors, bidirectional pairs
Average node position of the PHN in the national referral network Local clustering coefficient, PageRank, h-index