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Table 11 Feature list of a referral path for treatment outcome classification/regression

From: Referral paths in the U.S. physician network

Group of Features Features and ID
Network measures in the dominant HRR 1:#nodes, 2:#edges, 3:indegree gini coefficient, 4:outdegree gini coefficient, 5:indegree power law test alpha, 6:outdegree power law test alpha, 7: diameter, 8:global clustering coefficient, 9:local clustering coefficient, 10: (in, in) assortativity, 11:self in/out degree coefficient, 12:referral reciprocity, 13:RVU reciprocity
Referral path sequence 14:#nodes, 15:average time gap, 16: time range, 17:indicator of recurrence, 18: #nodes before recurrence, 19:physician distribution entropy, 20: PHN distribution entropy, 21:HRR distribution entropy, 22:average #common connected nodes between neighbors, 23:#pairs of nodes with reciprocal referrals, 37:#change points, 38:#previous referral path in the same year, 39:distance between the first visited hospital and the end one, 40:total RVU, 41:month of the first visit, 42:#visited teaching hospitals, 43:specialty of the key physician, 44:specialty of the last physician, 45:#visited PHN with negative (in-out) degree on PHN traffic map, 46:#visited PHN with positive (in-out) degree on PHN traffic map, 47:sum of (in-out) degree for all PHN on the referral path, 60:indicator of admitted by emergency department for the first node
Average node positions on the referral path 24:local clustering coefficient, 25:PageRank, 26:h-index, 27:#paths which contains the node, 28:#paths where the node is the starting one, 29:#paths where the node is the end one, 30:index of the first-time occurrence, 31:#paths where the node occurs multiple times, 32:#cross-HRR referrals proposed by the node, 33:#cross-PHN referrals proposed by the node
Average weights of edges in the national referral network covered by the referral path 34:#referrals, 35:RVU, 36:ranking based weight
Last physician on the referral path 48:RVU, 49:month of visit, 50:local clustering coefficient, 51:PageRank, 52:h-index, 53:#paths which contains the node, 54:#paths where the node is the starting one, 55:#paths where the node is the end one, 56:average index of the first-time occurrence, 57:#paths where the node occurs multiple times, 58:#cross-HRR referrals proposed by the node, 59:#cross-PHN referrals proposed by the node
Patient history information 61:age, 62:indicator of HIV, 63:indicator of asthmatic lung disease, 64:indicator of cancer, 65:indicator of dementia, 66:indicator of diabetes, 67:indicator of liver disease, 68:indicator of chronic non-asthmatic lung disease, 69:indicator of chronic renal disease