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Table 1 Key concepts appearing in students’ concept maps

From: Concept networks of students’ knowledge of relationships between physics concepts: finding key concepts and their epistemic support

  Concept   Concept   Concept
1 Electric interaction 51 Gauss’s law 83 Magnetic force
2 Electric charge 55 Ferromagnet 85 Rotational magn. field
8 Coulomb’s law 57 Magnetic interaction 86 Magn. pot. energy
14 Displacement current 59 Magnetic dipole 87 Magnetic field H (t)
15 Electric field lines 63 Magnetic moment (e) 90 Ampere’s circuital law
22 Energy conservation 66 Magnetic flux dens. 91 Magnetic field H
27 Superposition of fields 69 Magnetic flux Φ 100 Induction law
28 Electric field (e) 71 Magn. flux dens. (e) 109 Rotational electric field
33 Mechanical work 72 Electric current 113 Ampere-Maxwell law
38 Electric potential 74 Biot-Savart expr. 117 Resonance circuit
44 Electric field (t) 82 Ampere-Laplace law 120 Electromagnetic waves
  1. Some concepts appear twice, either defined empirically (e) through experimental operationalisation or theoretically (t) through deductive rationalisation. The key concepts with numbers given in bold text are epistemically the best supported ones