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Fig. 3

From: Can local-community-paradigm and epitopological learning enhance our understanding of how local brain connectivity is able to process, learn and memorize chronic pain?

Fig. 3

The figure shows the evolution in time for a measure of the Von Frey behavioral test in comparison to topological measures of the connectome, during consecutive time steps after CCI surgery in which LFP data were recorded. In all the plots the x-axis represents the time elapsed after the surgery and the distance between adjacent ticks is proportional to the actual time between those time steps. a The plot shows the Von Frey test, a behavioral test for measuring mechanical allodynia (at a certain time). The y-axis indicates the measure of maximal force (in grams) before the withdrawal of ipsilateral paw. b-o The plots highlight the comparison between the Von Frey test (shown in brick red) and every topological measure. The correlation between each topological measure with respect to the Von Frey test is reported, together with the p-value of the statistical test for assessing the significance of the correlation. Note that the values correspond to the columns “Max correlation” and “Max p-value” of Table 2. Significant p-values are highlighted in red. The topological measures (b) Power Lawness and (c) LCP-correlation demonstrate high correlations (shown in red), 0.9 < corr ≤1. The measures (d) Characteristic Path Length, (e) Edge Betweenness Centrality, (f) Closeness Centrality, (g) Small Worldness ω, (h) Efficiency, (i) Modularity and (j) Betweenness Centrality demonstrate medium correlation (shown in green), 0.5 < corr ≤0.9. The measures (k) Radiality, (l) Clustering Coefficient, (m) Structural Consistency, (n) Small Worldness σ and (o) Average Degree are least correlated (shown in black), 0 ≤ corr ≤0.5. The Von Frey values have been rescaled before being superimposed in every plot in order to visually highlight the correlation. When the correlation is negative and medium-high in absolute value, the topological measure inverted plot is also shown with a dotted line. Additional file 1: Figure S1 reports the error intervals for the mean values of the topological measures at each time step, highlighting that the data is reliable enough for a correct usage of the interpolation procedure

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