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Table 1 Estimating the epidemic parameters

From: A graph exploration method for identifying influential spreaders in complex networks

Dataset D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8
k 43.69 28.32 8.08 4.82 10.02 7.35 10.69 12.27
k 2 4656.14 4117.03 178.20 55.18 1403.62 468.42 1966.47 1837.40
T c 0.0095 0.0069 0.0475 0.0956 0.0072 0.0159 0.0055 0.0067
T 1.2×T c 1.5×T c 1.2×T c 1.2×T c T c 2.5×T c T c T c
λ c 0.0094 0.0069 0.0453 0.0873 0.0071 0.01557 0.0054 0.0067
\(\widehat {\lambda }\) λ c 1.3×λ c λ c 1.1×λ c 1.5×λ c λ c 1.2×λ c 1.3×λ c
λ λ c 1.3×λ c λ c 1.1×λ c λ c 1.5×λ c λ c λ c
  1. T c and λ c are the theoretical epidemic thresholds for SIR and SIS, respectively. \(\widehat {\lambda }\) are the lowest values for which an epidemic phase occurs, that is, the density of infected nodes is non-zero, in the long run. T and λ are the values used in the experiments (see for details the “Estimating the epidemic parameters” section)