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Table 1 Key of department codes

From: Evolving network structure of academic institutions

Code Department Code Department
AMST American Studies INTS International Studies
ANTH Anthropology LCST Language and Culture Studies
ARTH Art History MATH Mathematics
BIOC Biochemistry MUSI Music
BIOL Biology NEUR Neuroscience
CHEM Chemistry PHIL Philosophy
CLST Classical Studies PHYS Physics
COMP Computer Science POLS Political Science
ECON Economics PSYC Psychology
EDUC Educational Studies PPLW Public Policy and Law
ENGR Engineering RELI Religion
ENGL English SOCI Sociology
ENVI Environmental Science STUD Studio Arts
FILM Film Studies THDA Theatre and Dance
HIST History URBS Urban Studies
INDP Individualized Degree Program WGSE Women, Gender and Sexuality