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Table 1 Microfinance participation versus centrality and versatility of leaders

From: Untangling the role of diverse social dimensions in the diffusion of microfinance

Measure 1 2
Diffusion centrality 0.022 (0.007)  
Diffusion versatility   0.030 (0.011)
R 2 0.442 0.470
  1. Values shown are coefficients from ordinary least-squares regression. Each column represents a different regression. The dependent variable is the microfinance participation rate of nonleader households in a village. The covariates are diffusion centrality (regression 1) and diffusion versatility (regression 2), averaged over the set of leaders, as well as 5 control variables: number of households, self-help group participation rate, savings participation rate, caste composition, and fraction of village households designated as leaders. Standard errors (in parenthesis) are robust to heteroskedasticity