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Table 9 Top 5 collaborators recommended for molecules related to INPPL1 (hypergeometric publication count method)

From: Supporting novel biomedical research via multilayer collaboration networks

Name Related molecules Hypergeometric
  (number of publications) p-value
Katsuhiko Mikoshiba CSF1R(1), ITPR1(24), 3.26×10−14
  ITPR2(3), ITPR3(3)  
Jin Chen EPHA1(2), EPHA2(27), 3.54×10−9
  HGF(1), SHC1(1)  
M Takahashi CSF1R(3), HGF(19), 2.29×10−8
  ITPR1(1), SHC1(4)  
  EPHA2(1), HGF(12),  
Fumihiro Sanada ITPR1(1), ITPR2(1), 7.11×10−8
Y Watanabe CSF1R(9), HGF(8), 3.17×10−7
  ITPR1(5), SHC1(1)