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Table 6 Top 5 collaborators recommended for molecules related to TREM2 (normalized publication count method)

From: Supporting novel biomedical research via multilayer collaboration networks

Name Related molecules Number of Normalized
  (number of publications) related molecules publication count (r PC )
Ying Wang FBP1(1), GPNMB(1),   
  GRN(1), ITGAM(4), SLC1A3(1), 7 0.21
  SLC6A1(2), TIMP1(2)   
Tao Wang ACP5(1), CAPG(1),   
  COLEC12(1), GPNMB(1), GRN(1), 7 0.21
  ITGAM(2), SLC1A3(1)   
Wei Zhang ADORA2B(1), ATF5(1),   
  FPR3(1), GRN(2), ITGAM(6), 7 0.18
  TIMP1(1), TYROBP(2)   
Li Zhang ATF5(3), FBP1(1),   
  GPNMB(2), ITGAM(7), 6 0.28
  SLC1A3(1), TIMP1(1)   
Wei Liu GPNMB(3), ITGAM(3),   
  MPDZ(2), SLC1A3(1), 6 0.23
  TIMP1(1), VTCN1(1)