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Table 10 Top 5 collaborators recommended for molecules related to SORL1 (normalized publication count method)

From: Supporting novel biomedical research via multilayer collaboration networks

Name Related molecules Number of Normalized
  (number of publications) related molecules publication count (r PC )
Albert Hofman MACF1(1), NISCH(1),   
  PCSK7(1), PIK3CG(1), 6 0.47
  RERE(1), SORT1(2)   
Jing Wang ABR(2), BCL6(1),   
  GGA1(1), GGA2(1), 6 0.15
  IQGAP1(1), PDLIM1(1)   
Wei Zhang BCL6(3), IQGAP1(1),   
  MACF1(1), PIK3CG(1), 6 0.10
  PVRL1(1), SORCS1(1)   
Eric Boerwinkle MACF1(1), NISCH(1),   
  PCSK7(2), PIK3CG(2), 5 0.67
Christopher J O’Donnell MACF1(1), PCSK7(2),   
  PIK3CG(3), 5 0.62
  RERE(1), SORT1(3)