Upcoming Article Collection: 'Modeling, Computation and Prediction in Complex Networks'

Applied Network Science will soon publish a new article collection on 'Modeling, Computation and Prediction in Complex Networks'

Research on Complex Networks has progressed to a point where Complex Networks are used not just for modeling, but also for computing various statistical and observable features, as well as prediction. Another topic of interest are methods of representation of complex networks that improve computations on these networks, or new algorithms for computing known network features. The goal of this special issue is to gather articles from the recent NetSciX conference that pursue these research directions.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Computing graph
  • Structural or statistical features of complex networks
  • Using complex networks of prediction or analysis of social phenomena
  • Proposals of nwe mathematical modles for complex networks

Deadline for submissions (by invitation only)
30 June 2016 

Lead Guest Editor
Adam Wierzbicki, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Poland

For editorial enquiries please contact editorial@appliednetsci.com.

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